Automated workstations: AWS RBA, AWS BUK-M1, AWS Sintez-HF, AWS RSR...
Automated test complexes:ATC Scvorets, ATC Sintez-DRC, ATC System... 
Control and repair automotive stations: CRAS SPN ...
Checkout equipment:Assist-ASA, CE DDTC , CE Snegir ...


Office of ATE - EngineeringThe history of the ATE-engineering Company begins in 1995 and the patented by us concept of the automated control of the digital-analog equipment is more than 40 years old. Nowadays the Company is one of the leaders in the development and production of the automated diagnostic equipment for radio-electronic devices’ check and repair in the Republic of Belarus.


ATE-engineering offers:

  • template solutions, based on the pre-developed diagnostic equipment line;
  • development of totally new samples of the diagnostic equipment for solution of the substantive, specifically your problems, adaptation of the present ones and development of new technological control programs;
  • new forms and methods’ development of radio-electronic devices’ diagnostics, repair technologies’ improvement, new technological processes’ integration,
  • extension of service life and life time of the radio-electronic devices in the operation process, growth of the repair production efficiency, improvement of the operating technologies of the radio-electronic devices for the purpose of all kinds of expenses’ cut;
  • devices’ repair and restoration and the component of the radio-electronic systems of the security and civil agencies.

Gathered unique experience and high qualification of the specialists, up-to-date level of technical equipment of the production, allow the Company to cope in a short space of time even with the most difficult issues.

Offered by LLC ATE-engineering services allow to cooperate successfully with various structures of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, with Belarusian and Russian plants, both civil and military-industrial establishment, besides our diagnostic equipment operates beyond Commonwealth. By estimating the list of our clients it is possible to make a conclusion for certain about the reliability and efficiency of our services and fully realize that unsolvable problems do not exist with us.