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Participating into technical panel «Advantech Solution Day»

Advantech product line

Participating into technical panel «Advantech Solution Day», devoted to the new products of the Advantech Company in the sphere of industrial automation, integrated systems and communications.

The subject of the panel is concentrated on new products and technologies. Reports pay much attention to software, configurational tools and SCADA-systems. Some reports are trainings with real-time demonstrations on the working equipment.
Topics of the reports:
  • Overview of new generation of processors Intel, AMD and also integrated boards, motherboards and server boards Advantech on its bases;
  • Integrated computer series ARK, UNO, ECU. New series and constructive solutions; 
  • Operator’s panel and panel computers. Overview of Software PanelExpress to configure operator’s panel;  
  • Overview of new communication equipment;
  • Boards and tools to gather data, overview of software DAQNavigator
  • Innovations of modules and controllers ADAM (new range ADAM-6200 and ADAM-2000). Overview of programming principles CGL for ADAM-6x00. Backing on controllers APAX-5000 PE;
  • Software to control and data gathering WebAccess, WebAccess Express.